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Jalan Jalan Sri Lanka : Galle

 Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

We had a marvellous trip in Ella, astonished by its beautiful mountainous sceneries. Sri Lanka has different essences of atmosphere. Kandy emerged under historical influence while Ella impressively enclosed by stunning mountain setting and…….Galle;

Galle is the capital city of Southern Province, Sri Lanka about 119km from Colombo. Galle used to be a fortified city which was remarkably built by the Dutch and was a main port in Sri Lanka. It has frontage elevation of the Indian Ocean with population of 100000 people. In 2004, Galle devastated by the big wave of Tsunami and thousands were killed. 

From Ella, we started our journey by taking the earliest bus to Galle. The ticket was LKR210 Since that we were on a highland, it was one rough ride. It was a public bus full of people travelling to work, it has numerous stops and yeah, having a cap ayam head, really not helping. I almost barf out my tuna steak dinner on the bus floor. 5 hours of roller coaster ride, I’ll put it.

Ketiduran di dalam bas. Sudah kosong, masa ni sedang berhenti untuk rehat. R&R.

To Galle

Tengok, atas bas pun ada orang jual Vadai, ini version mmg tak pernah tengok, Vadai udang besar! I love vadai, oh darah india maseh mengalir dalam tubuhku rupanye....
The Galle Fort was a fortified city built by the Dutch back in 1663 with an area of 52 ha. It was planned in grid pattern with conformation of the seaside terrain. In 18th century, it housed 500 families, administration offices, trade societies and warehouses. Today, the majority of its occupants are Muslims. There are few Mosque, churches and a Buddha Temple in the fort. And, we had our night in one of the guesthouse located in the fort. Exquisite setting.

Backlane dalam fort. Cute kan Tuktuk tuh.
Old houses, colourful

Mangga di mana2 celah, best.

I think they were doing conservation work, tapi tak nampak pun seperti under construction. Dua itu adalah model paksaan, heheh.

Meeran Jumma Mosque
The Arch Door, Meeran Jumma Mosque

The high ceiling

Flooring pattern dier cantek kan?
Macam PAM building kat Jalan Tangsi la plak kan.
No shoes please......

The Fort main entrance, tuktuk nak lalu...

Pengantin sedang posing....
.....di fort wall.

Aksi model paksaan...
The Clock Tower
View daripada Moon Bastion, towards the Bus Station.

Gambar bukti dah sampai....

Morning walk yang indah....di atas dinding fort.
That's the lighthouse, to the left is the Meeran Jumma Mosque.
Wonder how they built the fort wall on such massive rock?

 Later on the same day, after  the morning walk through the Galle Fort, we went off for a boat ride to cinnamon island.

Pokok Balsa

Sampai sudah Cinnamon Island, sangat banyak pokok cinnamon.

Bot2 nelayan di tepian pantai....

One of the most iconic activity in Galle is the silt fishing. A unique fishing technique whereby the fishermen will be standing on a stick. We can see this around Koggala but, by the time we arrived there, there was no sight of fishermen….only their sticks. Too bad, I really wanted to see this, you can only find this kind of fishing method in Sri Lanka.

Imagine je la ada org diri tergantung kat batang2 tuh.
The sticks yang mana sepatutnya ada orang kt situ, kuciwa2.

Ikan2 yang biasanya diorg dapat tangkap....cantek sgt kot untuk digoreng, buat masuk akuarium lg berbaloi kot...

We finished off the day by visiting one of the last unique creation by Geoffrey Bawa, The Jetwing Lighthouse Hotel which was designed to embrace the coastline of Galle. What makes it truly outstanding is the spiral staircase that depicting "The Battle of Randeniya". Looks a bit morbid to me. The storyline goes around the staircase railing. You’ll notice figures illustrating the battle between Portuguese horsemen and the local warriors that were made of copper and bronze.

Tu dia...model relaan sekali lagi, Jetwing Lighthouse Hotel.
Pintu bilik hotel

The courtyard

The corridor
Scary kan? This is the stairway

Sangat MORBID kan?

And, yes...as usual, end of one tiring day, indulging good food is bliss.
Back to the fort, we had our dinner in one of the Muslim restaurant

Semua ambik gambar makanan la kan....sangat takjub dengan kelazatan...

Kari bendi
Itu semua lauk dah dihimpunkan. Ada papadom hangus lagi.

Dan kari ayam...komfius, nape mcm masak lemak kaler nye, tp btol2 indah rasa nya.

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