Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

Jalan Jalan New Zealand 5: Christchurch

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Too busy to update. Panjangnyerrr...perjalanan ke New Zealand nih!. We are almost at the end of our adventure in South Island, belum masuk North Island lagi ni. This was K.g's final destination in New Zealand, as on the next day, she went back to Adelaide, the rest of us continued our journey to the North Island via ferry. Sunyi siot, takde geng merapu sesama pada waktu orang sibuk baca peta dan pikir nak carik jalan, kita tersengih2 syok! Ahhahahah!

From Lake Tekapo we drove all the way to Christchurch with few stops for photo takings (as usual lah!). Passed through Burkes Pass, Fairlie to Geraldine. Stopped by Geraldine for refreshments and posing macam biasa tanpa henti ~ penyakit yang tak boleh elak masa di New Zealand!.

Geraldine is a countryside located about 140km from south of Christchurch. Geraldine is famous with its Art and Craft shops, farming activities ~ dairy cows, sheeps, fruit growings, early settler cottages and the Peel Forest which had been featured in LOTR movie!

Mokcik G buat2 perah susu lembu tipu~

Christchurch is the largest city in South Island. Christchurch had been hit by massive earthquake back in 2011 that left many buildings and important landmarks severely damaged. Our trip happened back in 2009, lucky for us, abled to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Christchurch city before the tragedy. (Sebab tuh info kisah New Zealand nih hanya based on apa yang diingat, lesson learned, lepas kejadian harus tulis terus dalam blog, delaying sangat tak bagus! ahahah).

What's famous in Christchurch? Of course the Cathedral Church Square where you'll get to see street performers, food and ice cream stalls, the big chess board, the famous Chalice monument and heritage buildings that mostly damaged in 2011. The trams! Steam trams operated in the city since the year of 1880 with the Cathedral Church Square as the departure point; replaced by bus system in 1954 and returned in 1995 as tourist tram that goes around the city for sighseeing. There are large numbers of parks in Christchurch following the scheme of "City in a Garden" which was introduced by the local council. The main park is the The Christchurch Botanic Garden that located in the central city adjacent to the Avon River. What's interesting at the Avon River, you can hire 'punting' which is some kind of sampan that looks like gondola, ahahha, boleh imagine tak? The 'punting' will bring you along the river in a loop, and will cover The Botanic Garden too.

K.g and Iena kejar tram nak bergambar~ naseb baik dapat....

Illusion art, as if macam lantai dah terbenam.

The Punting, Avon River

K.awan at Cathedral Church

K.g, Iena and Li. Cathedral Church.

Interior of Cathedral Church

The Rose Window

The big chess board at The Square, gigih brader tuh pikir strategi....

Carik sourvenir.....

The tram line...

The Cathedral Church at night....

Lompat! Yeayy....

Us at the Square, k.awan p mana eh masa ni?

Isnin, 13 Februari 2012

Jalan Jalan Air Terjun Lepoh

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Another awesome trip on Saturday morning. Locals call Lepok Fall or Lepor Fall, but referring to the signage before arriving to the starting point, put it as Lepoh Waterfall. Lepoh Waterfall located at Hulu Langat, near Kg Pangsun. We arrived to the starting point around 9a.m and parked our cars at the designated parking area near the entrance. The parking fees is RM2.00 per car. There was an orang asli aunty waiting there, she'll be asking for the parking fees, no worries.

We were told that the climb to Lepoh Waterfall will take at least 3 hours, but i think we did less than 2 hours kot?, ok...maybe overconfident, sebenarnyer tak kira pun, tapi elok2 la time untuk masak lunch.
Start di sini.... Y kan?
Naik jambatan sket...

And we came upon trek surrounded by rubber trees and banana trees.

.....merging into lush green jungle.

Check point ka? ada rumah orang asli sebijik di sini....

Naik...dan naik....aku dah semput time ni~

Min and centipede?
After 2 hours of climbing, we came upon the waterfall, found spot for ground site, set up our tent and started exploring the waterfall.

Pancing pakai umpan roti~

Min termenung tas batu~

Pemancing2 sekalian~

The Waterfall

First sliding attempt~

Second attempt~

The Kitchen

The guys~

The ladies~