Khamis, 19 Januari 2012

Jalan Jalan Kelip Kelip

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

This was one of my dreams since I was a kid, visiting kelip-kelip in Kuala Selangor. After 27 years of living, now only I have the chance to do so. Kesian tak? Selalu telan liur je dengar cerita kengkawan kat sekolah...pokok krismas saiz giant la bagai....tapi dulu imaginasi lebih hebat la, terbayang2 sang Tinkerbell, fairy si Peter Pan yang cantek itu terbang2 keliling pokok. Anyway, this was the last trip of me and Dayah, one of my besties, before she got married. In fact it WAS indeed our last trip together. Mungkin lepas ni kena buat aktiviti berkeluarga eh Dayot?

Kelip-Kelip or fireflies twinkle. That's what they do, twinkling over branches of Berembang trees while feeding on the leaves nectar and attract mates. Fireflies are not flies, but they do fly, of course!....they are tiny beetle that is also known as Pteroptye Tener, (am not quite sure how to pronounce that)....and they twinkle in synchronised and rythmic whistling beat.

We drove to Kampung Kuantan in Kuala Selangor around 5pm from Taman Melawati. And arrived slightly before 7pm. The centre situated just next to a surau, so after solat Maghrib we went straight to the ticket booth and bought our tickets. It was RM40 per boat, which is RM10 for each one of us. The ticket comes with one bottle of mineral water and some light snacks.

Got our tickets....waiting for our boat.
And, here are some photos that i took that night;.....It was quite impossible to take photos of the Kelip Kelip, i used slow shutter speed, eventhough the outcomes are just trail of lights or dots, but hey, it turned out good.

This is my fav!

Kena Q untuk turun....

And sempat posing...zue and bob~ya all!

Waiting...lounge? ehhe

Sourvenir yang dijual....

For dinner, we had seafood in Pasir Penambang, tak sah la kan, datang Kuala Selangor tak layan seafood.....

Pilih pilih....

Fresh watermelon juice....


Chilli Crab....

Tom yum berjiran dengan sotong goreng tepung....

And..of course! Ikan Bakar!

Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

Jalan Jalan Adelaide: Mount Lofty

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Mount Lofty Summit is a "must visit" for Adelaide visitors. From the summit one will get panoramic view of the Adelaide City and its coastline. You can either hike up to the summit or you can just drive all the way up. There is a restaurant on top; so during weekend a lot of the locals come up to the summit to enjoy a cup of tea while overlooking magnificent view of the city. 

Mount Lofty is the highest point of the Mount Lofty ranges (710m high) and it is located about 15km from the City of Adelaide. There is an obelisk on its summit which was use as navigation assistant in World War II. There are 3 starting points for its hiking trail, which are the Waterfall Gully, The Cleland Conservation Park and the Chambers Gully. We did the Adventure Hike which is a linear trail that stretches to at least 10km and 3 hours return. The trail starting point is from the Waterfall Gully carpark. Eventhough we did the Adventure Hike which is listed as 'hard', it was an easy climb with clear trail and direction marks along the way.

Mount Lofty Hiking Trail map; source:
We started a bit late, waited for the bus, went up to nearby residential area and walked for at least an hour to the Waterfall Gully starting point. Macam la tak biasa kan, kat Malaysia pun rata2 gunung kena jalan berjam2 sampai ke kaki gunung~.

Rumah dalam perjalanan ke kaki gunung. terasa kat oversea tak?, cewahh~

Itik pulang pagi, nak cross jalan.

The waterfall gully.

Itu lah air terjun nye, tak perlu terkejut yer, air terjun sini mmg malu2 nak turun.

Going up!

I was heading to the tunnel, posing jerh, salah jalan pun~

First Fall dari atas.

Sungai dari waterfall yang ke dua

Belum start lagi adventure hike, trail sangat cantik~

Waterfall yang kedua, juga malu2 nak turun.

Kesian budak2 ni main sungai yang cecah kaki tak sampai buku lali pun, datang Malaysia la dik, akak bawak p sungai gabai.

Pilih2 trail, masa ni memang tengah eksen la, kunun2 track senang sangat, nak yang paling susah punyer~

And we chose this trail. Eksen tak? hehehehhe....."...the natural surface and steep sections provide a challenge", semangat nih bila baca....

Maka start lah mencabar sikit.

Dan juga sempat posing....

The Adelaide City

Nampak tak itu obelisk, thats the peak.

Wondering macam mana posmen hantar surat kt sini, dan untuk siapa?

Bet that this is mountain biking trail.

Tiba2 trail stop, kena cross jalan lagi....mencabar tak?

The Summit!
I'll put it as a relaxing hike, we did straight to the top without stopping for rest except for solat tepi sungai and photo taking sessions. On its peak, we had wonderful ice chocolate and creamy coffee latte. Style kaya tak? padahal duit kutip celah2 beg. Keh3.

Hah! air terjun on the way balik, nampak tak? nampak tak? kitorg pun hampir2 tak nampak....ahahhaha.

Pulang ke Waterfall Gully point.

Kena cuci kasut sebelum keluar tau, supaya tak bawak balik apa2 yang tak boleh dibawa balik, untuk kesihatan dan kebersihan.