Jumaat, 18 Januari 2013

Jalan Jalan India: The Itinerary

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

I am not sure what is happening to me, I looooveee travelling. I looooveee exploring. I loooveee to share my experience with others, tapi, seriously all this travelling stories piling up in the draft section of this blog, I was so lazy to update. Keep on uploading photos with no write ups, hayyy2....promising myself to be more istiqamah in blogging, hahah!

Anyway, I've been wanting to visit India since years ago. The colourful culture, colourful ambience, the colourful architecture, the colourful people, the colourful rickshaws...hihi. And finally! I am going to India this coming November. Been studying maps, train routes, interesting places, even the festival = headaches + excited la makcik ini.....

A very long journey indeed, as India is HUUGGEEEE! we have to somehow travel from Kolkata to Delhi because that is the only point in the India Northern side that Air Asia goes. Anyway, not wanting to spend much as this meant to be a backpacking trip, been trying to reduce cost as much as i can. Hihi~

Jalan Jalan Sepanyol 2: Barcelona Tiga

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Perghhhh.....lama betul tak update blog. Nak kata busy tu tak juger, travel banyak sangat sampai jadi malas nak bercerita, compiling stories, boleh load gambar je then save as draft. Kih kih kih. Tapi terasa rindu pulak dengan blog ni~

         On our 2nd day in Barcelona, we spent the whole day walking from Sagrada Familia to the Street of La Rambla. La Rambla is a Pedestrian Mall or a promenade famous among tourist and locals alike. Always crowded during the day till late at night. Rambla in Spanish means, "watercourse" and La means "The". I heard somewhere before that the La Rambla was previously a river leading up to The Port Vell. In 16th century, a series of important buildings were built along the river including convents and a university which were demolished by 19th century. It is of 1.2km stretch with Placa Catalunya on the northern most end and Port Veil at its southern end. 

         The best way to get to The La Rambla is by using Metroline, less hassle. There are three Metro stops to the La Rambla. From the Southern end is The Drassanes Metro station, Green line, L3; midway is the Liceu Metro station, Green line, L3 and northern end Catalunya Metro station, Green line, L3, Red Line, L1. 

          So, What's interesting? The statues, lots and lots of statues + human statues. Souvenir stalls along the promenade and artists at work, caricature artists. The Christopher Columbus statue near the Port Vell end and other attractions such as the iconic Mercat (market@ pasar) La Boqueria and Museums.

Coming through the Catalunya end

The La Rambla

Human Statue, geletek sure melatah statue ni. Kalau masukkan duit kat mende alah depan die tu, secara automatik, dia akan beraksi. Sekali patung boleh senyum daa...

Buildings around La Rambla

Another Human Statue

The Casa Mila, another building designed by Antoni Gaudi. Can be noticed from the signature chimney.

Erotica Museum

I've read in Spain Lonely Planet book, tourists especially need to be cautious, as there are lots of pickpockets in La Ramble, in fact around the city of Barcelona too. There are also lots of expensive restaurants and shops due to La Rambla popularity somehow everything around La Rambla becomes a little bit pricey, some halal restaurants selling kebab,if am not mistaken it is near the Casa Mila. Oh, patut tulis entry nih lama dulu, rasanye macam dah setengah tahun kejadian terjadi, hihi~