Selasa, 27 September 2011

Jalan Jalan New Zealand 1 : Christchurch - Franz Josef

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

We booked our flight to Christchurch, New Zealand almost a year before the actual date. It was for AUD129 for return tix with Jetstar via Melbourne. There were six of us, just nice to fit a dorm with 3 set of double beds. We arrived Christchurch around 11.05pm and went straight to Frenz Backpackers Hostel to spend the night.

The entourage without k.g and me.

Dah nak sampai.....

Frenz Backpackers Hostel in Christchurch, sgt cantek dan bersih.

The dining hall

The main staircase

Our dorm, after a night spent.

Haaa....pencopek! kih3.

Cooking for lunch.


The dining hall.
We hired a Kia Carnival to fit all of us, rental + insurance = $1300 (this was only for South Island) and total travelled was 2124km. Estimated $800 for petrol.

Comfy Carnival
The next day, we drove to Franz Josef from Christchurch via Arthur's Pass. It's a 5 hours drive that stretched out to 376km. Arthur's Pass is known for its National Park. We planned to stop by Devil's Punchbowl Fall which is a 131m high waterfall about 1km walk from Arthur's Pass Village, but we dropped the idea as we took quite a lot of time stopping by the roadside for photos. Stunning view along the way left us with...~oohh...~ahhh...amazement and so little time.


On our way to Arthur's Pass

Menyirami rumput...

Berenti jap posing!

Sesi berposing...

Lunch at Arthur's Pass

Kea birds, and our lunch.

Franz Josef Glacier is a 12km long glacier located in Westland Tai Poutini National Park. You can have guided or unguided walk through the glacier, of course, you need specialised equipment. For us, with time and monetary limitation, we chose the shortest trail to the platform where we can have an overall panoramic view of the glacier.

Franz Josef Glacier Walk
Posing dulu....
The Glacier

Us and the glacier
The Waiho River is a river that flows by Franz Josef with meltwater of the Franz Josef Glacier to the Tasman Sea which is 10 km Southwest of Okarito. On our way to the township of Franz Josef, we managed to stop by the Waiho River.

A brief day indeed, due to long hour on board. We spent the night in Franz Josef to prepare for another long journey to Queenstown. :)

Khamis, 22 September 2011

Jalan Jalan Satu Dunia: Homelessness

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

It’s a bit ironic when we used to help the homeless, we ourselves are having the risk of being a homeless. 

When I was doing my thesis on Illegal Architecture in Malaysia, the subject of homelessness always buzzing in my head. I was wondering why are the homeless ~ HOMELESS? What really happened to them? Are they really mentally ill or there are some other problems that lead to homelessness? In Malaysia, these homeless are being labelled under The Destitute Act 1977 which entitled them to be sent to Kem Bina Diri in Mersing or Jerantut. Am not quite agree with this decree, came up with my own solution as conclusion of my thesis. Khuba Ki- Basti is one of the best models to recover homelessness. 

Most Malaysians are a bit sceptical in the subject of homelessness. Whenever I brought up the subject, Malaysians usually disagree and stating that there are no homeless in Malaysia, we lived in peace and harmony, there are absolutely no poverty or underprivileged people sleeping around at the corner of buildings in Kuala Lumpur. Have you seen anyone lying around on the hard concrete floor in the middle of KL? Malaysians usually say no. But me, Oh yeah, I did. I’ve even been warned by one of Malaysian Official during my data collection, as not to show bad impression on Malaysia to the outside world. Yeah right, just have a night stroll in the city; they are all sleeping around on cardboards or just on the plain tarmac. Until, by the year of 2010, the topic of homelessness in Kuala Lumpur was a big issue after being highlighted in a TV programme. Starting from there, the homeless have finally been included in the latest census of Malaysia. 

I found this guy sleeping at the entrance way of Star LRT station

Some of the homeless have their own precious stuffs. They will sometimes carry around a trolley or a box like the above.

Luckily, there are office chairs to sleep on.

Pillow, blanket and tikar.

That looks comfortable.

This guy has nothing to sleep on.

At the staircase of Maybank building entrance.

Sleeping on cardboards.

....and newspaper.

Near Puduraya.

Near Puduraya.

What have I done to help them? I wish I have some friends with the same view for Homelessness. Maybe we can gang up and come up with the idea like what Madhousers do. Cute little houses. I do have some ideas in my cap ayam head. But, so far what I did was, to join NGOs giving out food to the homeless. This got me excited as this coming Saturday I’ll be joining The Soup Kitchen in Adelaide. The Soup Kitchen is held at St Mary Magdalene's Centre located in 36 Moore St, Adelaide City. 

A friend of mine asked me, why is it that I have sensitive spot for the homeless? Why not the orphans? Well, I wonder why myself. It’s not that I’m not helping the orphans or other needy societies at all, but I’m more interested in the subject of homelessness. My answer was: Maybe because I’m an architect? A mere question to myself. Thinking ahead, maybe the homeless and myself, we have similarities. Realising it, I had the risk of being a homeless few times in my life. And the worst so far is at this very moment. I’ve failed my Final Project in my final semester due to disagreement of my Studio Master with my design project. Which was, surprisingly enough, a homeless shelter in central of Adelaide City. The reason he gave was, the building is too expensive for the homeless. The reaction I gave him was: PREJUDICE.

So, here I am, back to Adelaide with no money at all. My parents declined on supporting my living cost in Adelaide as failing the subject is my own fault. As if, I’m so happy to come back. I’m doing some casual job which is obviously not enough to support all, not to mention the tuition fee. And, yes, I’m in the state of having the risk to homelessness. I believed that Allah is testing me, and He will not test me more than what I can bear. Let’s see in a few months whether I will still be smiling or you’ll find me on the street. A bit ironic isn’t it? When we used to help the homeless, we ourselves are having the risk of being a homeless.

Ahad, 11 September 2011

Jalan Jalan Adelaide : Malaysian Carnival 2011

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Malaysian Carnival is a yearly event organised by Malaysian Students studying in Adelaide. Objective of the event is to promote Malaysian culture in Australia. It’s a one day affair that includes traditional performances, exhibitions and stalls selling authentic Malaysian delicacies. Malaysian Carnival 2010 had been awarded as Adelaide’s ‘2010 Best Community Event of The Year’.

My first Malaysian Carnival was back in 2009, and this was actually my 2nd time. I was quite amazed to see such a big turnout. Ramai rupanye Malaysians kat Adelaide ni.....

The Victoria Square

The map

Solat Zuhur, surau untuk para wanita juga ada disediakan...

Kuih Ninja Turtle

Nasi Briyani Ayam, gile punyer panjang beratur....dekat dua jam.


Masa membeli Nasi briyani....kejayaan yang indah, selepas berjam2 beratur.

Pengusaha Nasi Briyani

Stall Nasi Briyani yang diidami ramai.

Semangat ok brader ni, die memang betol2 sayang Malaysia. Kalau dipikir, betul juga, ada baju I love Adelaide, I love New York, I love Melbourne what so ever, I love Malaysia tak pernah aku nampak orang pakai, okeyh balik Malaysia nak cari selai....

Pentas utama pembeli Nasi Briyani, kira bila dapat jejak papan putih ni, mmg boleh tersenyum bangga la...

Roti John...

Tempat lepak...

Chef wan pun ada, tak ku sangka, si fifi ada kat belakang tu? tengok dalam kamera baru terperasan dier dok sengih belakang Chef Wan....

Kegigihan pembeli Nasi Briyani...

.....berdiri dalam hujan....

The crowd...

The Stage....

People queieng for Nasi was a very long q.

Cendol bulat2. Boleh la layannnn....

Roti jala di attack dulu sementara tunggu Nasi Briyani

Gambar boring sambil beratur nak beli Nasi Briyani

Nasi Lemak Stall

Budak2 ni memang sangat bagus, menjual kacang putih dalam bakul basikal, comel la plak kan....

The cendol, eh baru terasa lamanye...x makan cendol...oh rindu....

Penari tradisional....relax dik, tak perlu berwajah risau, akak pun sejuk.

Main Stage