Sabtu, 7 Januari 2012

Jalan Jalan Lata Naning (Gunung Rajah)

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

This trip was organised to be as part of training trip for Gunung Tahan. There were some issues on Gunung Rajah; as everyone knows there are some part of the trail involving rock climbing whereby of course by using rope. Unfortunately the rope was cut off so we weren't be abled to climb up to the summit. So, yup, in other words, it was a failed attempt. In anyway it had been raining all day, so there was a landslide reported. After all, still....we had fun in Lata Naning, great company, good food and wonderful scenery :)

Gunung Rajah stands at 1685m high and located in Bentong, Pahang. We arrived at the foothill of Gunung Rajah where the Chamang Waterfall is; around 4 am. Slept for an hour, had breakfast and started our journey at 9 am.

The starting point.

Up to trek balak...
It was a steep climbed for the first 5 minutes till we came upon the wide and clear "Trek Balak". We walked on flat surface of "Trek Balak" for half an hour until we passed by "Orang Asli" settlement that the trail starts to incline.

Hydroelectric Dam

The orang asli settlement

K.ieja, fizi, faiz, arip and hairi strike a pose on anak rajah, betul ke anak rajah?

Aktiviti menggolekkan beg Fizi akibat dari tersalah jalan dan kena pusing balik.
The trail is quite clear although we did miss a turn. It took us at least half an hour to realise that we took a wrong turn and the path was getting confusing with each steps. After Fizi and Arip went off to retrace the right trail, and confirmed that we were actually lost, we headed up back to the trail that originally connected with "Trek Balak". There are pieces of paper trail along the way so we were confident that we indeed on the right path. We continued walking for another hour and finally stop at river crossing since it started to rain and had some rest.

Lata Naning is located at least 30-45 minutes walk from the river crossing. Our initial plan was to camp out in "Kem Hijau". But, after further discussion we decided to spend the night in Lata Naning due to the issues mentioned way above and also because Lata Naning is so beautiful plus with direct water source, a brilliant setting for a camp site. When we arrived in Lata Naning, there was another big group already set up their tents and had started preparing for dinner. So, there was no vacant area on the designated campsite, thus, we only left with two options before nightfall, either continue hike up to "Kem Hijau" or set up our tent on the rock by riverside. The second option won by votes. Hihi. Nice...

Saya suka gambar ni, setting yang cantik!

Lata Naning, the other group is preparing dinner.

My dear shoes

Waterfall next to our campsite

Our Tents

The shoes...again

The waterfall...

....and me!

Goreng papadum sampai tumpah...


Proses mandi manda

K.zela's Tent.

Lunch, nasi minyak...

Well...masing2 ada kamera...

K.ieja was writing down, journal ker?

Arip offer diri jasi model...

Singgah kejap di Sg. Y.

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  1. nice viewing... and the most beautiful sightseeing in here is performed the prayer with the nature.