Rabu, 15 Jun 2011

Jalan Jalan Gunung Arong

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim,

This is one Marvellous hiking trip. The main idea was to hike Gunung Arong, but in the end, it seems like hiking Gunung Arong is just another side activity in addition to having breakfast while watching the sunrise in beautiful early morning, freestyle (gaya plek2) swimming in crystal clear sea water, walking along the fine sand beach and dine out overlooking the stunning view of South China Sea. Yes, it was all about the BEACH.

Gunung Arong located about 17km from the town of Mersing. I don’t quite understand why is it called Gunung Arong rather than Bukit Arong as it stands up at just a mere 274m high. The trek is quite straight forward eventhough, being a kaki sesat myself, i did miss a turn. It is a good training ground for beginners. What i love the most about Gunung Arong is the spectacular view of Telok Gorek clasp by the deep blue South China Sea. Green, blue sky and wide ocean. Perfect.

K.shila, min and me started our journey from KL by Komuter train to Seremban. In Seremban we joined K.rina heading out to Tanjung Resang and arrived around 3am. Set up our tent and zzzzzzzzz....for the night.

On my way to KL Sentral.

Woke up early morning and this is the view that awed us whole day....

Sunrise over Telok Gorek

The Beach!

Min is enjoying the view.

We started to climb Gunung Arong around 10am. It was a big walk of at least 2km from Sari Jentayu (our campsite) to Gunung Arong foothill, plus it was a sunny day. Tak naik gunung lagi, muka dah merah.
Min melotionkan k.rina.

Naik gunung okeyh....

The big walk.

Gunung Arong from afar.

Pendakian bermula

Slender trees...phewitt!!

K.rina on the way to the top

It took us 45 minutes to arrive to the peak of Gunung Arong. And this is what we saw....

View of Telok Godek

South China Sea, i should take panorama shots la...adoi..rugi2.

After lunch over nasik and deliberately delicious sambal ikan goreng, we descended by using another route heading to Pantai Rahsia (am not quite sure whether this is a right term to be used, but i did look up for some info on this particular beach).

Different set of greens.

To the beach....to the beach....


A long walk back to where it began.

Cantek kannn? Impressive!

Keadaan sebelum hujan dan sebelum kamera harus diselamatkan.

And...BBQ  for dinner. Masak pakai headd lamp keyh...

Night walk along the beach, jumpa umang2, kagum jap...

And sunrise again next morning~

I really really really enjoy this trip. Met new friends and new experience all over.

ABC for a change..asyik ketagih cendol je kan...hihi

...and shopping ikan masin.


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