Sabtu, 11 Jun 2011

Jalan Jalan Foo Fighters

Melody relates to emotion, act and desire. But, great melody is not just anything. It is quite frustrating that whenever I listen to the radio on my way to work, the radio stations keep on repeating the same songs. At some point, I really had enough with Justin Bieber’s baby baby whatsoever. I’m vomiting blood, really. Is it because that Im getting older or just easily annoyed with current music trend.

But finally, yes...finally! great music is coming back. The ROCK is back.

‘Wasting Light’ is enormous. Kindly listen to it in full blast. 

Listen to Wasting Light here

My fav track out of the album.

 The best concert ive ever been to....The Foo's!,....their Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace tour to Australia in Adelaide. We bought the cheapest last minute tix, not a good spot but still, we really enjoyed the show anyhow.

Dave Grohl berlari-larian

Dave and Taylor

Centre stage! I love this part. keluar dari siling yo! Skin and bones.

These are the best photos that i took. Not quite good though, but seriously, we had a fun nite. Hot Choc later on, to kill the cold night breeze.

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