Rabu, 4 Februari 2015

Jalan Jalan Mengembara

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Last Sunday, went for kelas tafsir in Kampung Baru. Came across this Ayat. 

Allah SWT berfirman, Surah Ar-Rum, Ayat 42:

"Mengembaralah kamu di muka bumi kemudian lihatlah bagaimana kesudahan orang-orang yang telah lalu (yang telah binasa); kebanyakan mereka adalah orang-orang yang musyrik."

Well, lets travel cheap and see the world, there are lots of things to see, to grasp, to smell, to learn and to feel. The hypobaropathy after climbing high mountains, the numbness of your fingertips during winter, the chapped lips on hot and dry aussie summer day, the colorfulness of blooming flowers, the dullness of falling leaves in autumn, the hatred of some people shown once they see you and your hijab, the glare that you get when you perform salah next to a tree in a beautiful garden, the sulfurous smelling air on the peak of an active volcano, the friendly smiles of makcik tukang jaga cafe in one of timber framed building in St Nicholas St. All of these are just one small part of the whole experience and knowledge you'll gain through travelling. 

A lot has happened since my last post here, I'm married, a mother of one, currently juggling between work and study...(duhh...banyak kali rasa nak give up). On one fine day, while scrolling images in the internet, I found my own images that I've posted here in my own blog. Reading through my poor old under maintenance blog. Fell in love all over again and here I am,....am WRITING again. lets hope dah tak ada kuman2 pemalas hinggap lagi, huhu. 


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  1. nice knowing you. looking forward to your next travel experience