Khamis, 19 Januari 2012

Jalan Jalan Kelip Kelip

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

This was one of my dreams since I was a kid, visiting kelip-kelip in Kuala Selangor. After 27 years of living, now only I have the chance to do so. Kesian tak? Selalu telan liur je dengar cerita kengkawan kat sekolah...pokok krismas saiz giant la bagai....tapi dulu imaginasi lebih hebat la, terbayang2 sang Tinkerbell, fairy si Peter Pan yang cantek itu terbang2 keliling pokok. Anyway, this was the last trip of me and Dayah, one of my besties, before she got married. In fact it WAS indeed our last trip together. Mungkin lepas ni kena buat aktiviti berkeluarga eh Dayot?

Kelip-Kelip or fireflies twinkle. That's what they do, twinkling over branches of Berembang trees while feeding on the leaves nectar and attract mates. Fireflies are not flies, but they do fly, of course!....they are tiny beetle that is also known as Pteroptye Tener, (am not quite sure how to pronounce that)....and they twinkle in synchronised and rythmic whistling beat.

We drove to Kampung Kuantan in Kuala Selangor around 5pm from Taman Melawati. And arrived slightly before 7pm. The centre situated just next to a surau, so after solat Maghrib we went straight to the ticket booth and bought our tickets. It was RM40 per boat, which is RM10 for each one of us. The ticket comes with one bottle of mineral water and some light snacks.

Got our tickets....waiting for our boat.
And, here are some photos that i took that night;.....It was quite impossible to take photos of the Kelip Kelip, i used slow shutter speed, eventhough the outcomes are just trail of lights or dots, but hey, it turned out good.

This is my fav!

Kena Q untuk turun....

And sempat posing...zue and bob~ya all!

Waiting...lounge? ehhe

Sourvenir yang dijual....

For dinner, we had seafood in Pasir Penambang, tak sah la kan, datang Kuala Selangor tak layan seafood.....

Pilih pilih....

Fresh watermelon juice....


Chilli Crab....

Tom yum berjiran dengan sotong goreng tepung....

And..of course! Ikan Bakar!

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  1. Nice pics & good info to share.

  2. hye! nice pic!anyway tahukah anda sungai tersebut ada buaya? hahaha... my in law is nearby, & hubs gave thousand of reasons when i asked im to see the kelip2..what la kan.. seeing u survive, perhaps the buaya ran away la kot? huhuhu... mesmerizing!

  3. Hi Imran, TQ! enjoy reading ur blog too :)

    Hi Bulat, TQ! yup, the guy yg guide us tuh ada bagitau, and my frens semua macam kelam kabut, maklum ler, dah atas perahu baru tahu ada buaya, heheheheh. Ok je, tak nampak bayang pun itu buaya. :)