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Jalan Jalan Gua Tempurung

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim,

Im in a very serious mood. When im serious, I’ll write in English. So, this entry will entirely be in English. English is serious and this entry will be very serious. Okay, now it starts to sound anomalous. Hah! I know what Anomalous is! Clap2. *grin*. Anyway, these few weeks, i felt a bit unhappy and lonely. Went to the office in an unhappy mode. Went for shopping with straight face. Glaring at people with curiosity as if, everyone is trying to steal my precious 60 ringgit bag. Duhh..., yup, I’m having major problem which I don’t even know how to mend. What I’m doing best is just...to let it be. And now, it’s stealing the cheery side of me.

Luckily, the serious mode got its break for a while with a trip to Gopeng. Min, Kak Shila and serious me went for spelunking in Gua Tempurung. It was a join trip with another group of friends from UPM. Gua Tempurung is massive and seriously Beautiful.

Gua Tempurung located about 25km from the city of Ipoh. The cave is part of Gunung Tempurung which can be seen from North South Highway and stands proud over 497 metres high. It is being called Gua Tempurung which means hemisphere shell (Tempurung) cave. Does that make sense? J From what ive heard, the cave has a total of 5 domes that resemble coconut shell which in Bahasa we call as ‘Tempurung Kelapa’. Now, that’s more like it. The 5 domes mentioned are ‘The Golden Flowstone’ cavern (its so Goldy...i mean, the lights), Giant Cavern (...really massive with high ceiling), Tin Mine cavern (..where there is a mark made by the tin miners in 1959 and their tools lying around), Fallen Warrior (this part is interesting, there is a shape of a German soldier~ if im not mistaken, lay down defeated, wearing helmet and spectacle with sharp nose, hmm..quite good looking too :D) and Battlefield cavern (ok...i assume this is the part where we have to battle for our lives...nah lah, this is actually the part where we have to slide and crawl...to survive...cewahhh).  

Reminds me of Jijet, the vandalist..on our way into..

Entrance to the Dark Cave

Our first climb

According to Encik Mustafa, most of the formations of stalactite and stalagmite in Gua Tempurung resemble the form of animals, human...and, believe me, even food too, oh, and my favourite, “..monyet drives Mercedes.” J

The Golden Flowstone Cavern

....its an Obor Obor

...believe it or not, its Osama b Laden, well...on top of the pillar does seem like a form of a person wearing turban.

Our way to Giant Cavern

To the Tin Mines Cavern

Hah! Chicken Drumstick!...and a Kancil car at the bottom :)

The tin mine Cavern is way 621 steps below

They call this area The Top of The World ~ low ceiling

621 steps down? am not sure whether the number is correct.

Top of the World!

Can you find hands clapping through holes? geezz...a bit scary though


Towards highway view

...well, Guna and Sumathi from KL was here...

"Lepak"kings before we started our journey to Battlefield Cavern

My favourite spot was the Battlefield Cavern; this is the place where most of the activities start to take place. We were advised not to bring cameras, especially the ones that look like Machine Guns. But being me, what is the point of EXPLORING WITHOUT A CAMERA? No matter how difficult it is, my dear camera will stick with me, no matter what. So the Gua Tempurung guys was just smiling as if, yeahhh...right.

So, yess..the exploration did give me shudders. I actually wrapped my camera with plastic bags and borrowed min’s sling bag so that I can crawl by sling out my camera around my neck. Sounds difficult? Ahahhaha. Can’t imagine it myself. And there it is, the reason why I don’t have photos around Battlefield Cavern. We went through a 5 meters slide down, then through a small hole, just enough for a person to creep into. Down under, we went through some kind of a river. Crawl and stand up, crawl, stand up, and crawl....until we came upon an area with no holes. Okay, that sounds a bit like the epic of Alice in Wonderland.

...at last! out of the holesss....

Our way out. All wet.

Way in and way out.

The river flows right out.

Victory!!!..and busukness

....and LATER,


Lovely! smells good

After got wet and so Busuk, we went for Durian Tepi Jalan. One of the best thing i enjoys about Malaysia. Durianness, eating durian by the roadside while inhaling asap kereta. Lovely. After having two Durians, we packed some to KL. It’s quite cheap, about RM7-8 each. Then, head out to Batu Gajah for some Nasi Lauk Kampung...hmmm...Gulai Tempoyak and Ikan Keli Salai. Hehe.

Before heading home, we went for Kellie’s Castle. This was actually my first time to the castle, eventhough it was my hundredthmmph times passed by the castle. Haha.

Kellie's Castle from the bridge

Repunzel Tower

Its a frame, i like the window shape

The kunun2 haunted Alley

So, there it is, the Magnificent Gua Tempurung. The best time to go to Gua Tempurung is during October, November and December as Encik Mustafa told us that there will be waterfalls inside the Gua Tempurung. Obviously, no Machine Guns camera unless it is waterproof. J

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